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Life Lessons from the 16-week Challenge

You can love your body and want to change it.

Transforming your body is tough—whether you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, or simply age more gracefully. Why? Because health and wellness is a triangle comprised of three key components: exercise, nutrition, and mental strength. ​​Your success at transforming your body boils down to that third piece of the triangle: your mental strength. And your mental strength determines whether you will be compliant with exercise and nutrition.

Lori Ann King has a keen understanding of the mind-body component involved in transforming your body. She survived her own obstacles and setbacks along her journey to becoming a finalist in a sixteen-week transformation challenge. King will help you

  • discover what you want to change and why you want to change it;
  • gain support not sabotage in your transformation quest;
  • learn to be more intentional with your thoughts and habits;
  • observe what habits support your goals, and what lead you away from them;
  • become the hero in your own life.
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